GUARDANT 360 오믹스프로의 사업분야는 액체 생검, 암 유전체 분석,
나노스트링 nCounter등이 있습니다.
Nanostring은 DNA혹은 RNA를 갖고 하는 대부분의 translational research 가 가능한 platform입니다.

특별한 custom design이 없이도 판매되는 panels가 다양하게 구비되어 있고, 원하시는 경우 유전자에 대한 editing이 가능합니다.
시판되는 panels은 아래와 같습니다.

nCountericon_07 IncRNA Assay

Study focused sets ofup to 800 IncRNAs With high percision and less hands-on time than any other platform.

1. High precision, digital quantificationof IncRNAs in a single reaction
2. Analyze up to 800 IncRNAs in asingle reaction with no amplification
3. Compatible with FFPE crude cell lysates and other challenging sample types


nCountericon_07 ChIP-String Assay

Read-out method designed to measure dsDNA fragments that have been enriched via chromatin immunoprecipitation.

1. Accurate differentiation and quantification of enriched DNA
2. Excellent correlation with ChIP-Seq results
3. Analyze up to 800 loci with 15 minutes of hands-on time


nCountericon_07 Leukemia Fusion Gene

Profile a comprehensive set of fusion genes which result from balanced translocations in different leukemia sub-types.

1. Profile a comprehensive set of fusion genes in different leukemia subtypes
2. Includes probes for 11 wild type and 12 leukemia-related biomarkers
3. 15 minutes of hands-on time per run


nCountericon_07 miRNA CodeSets

Highly sensitive, miRNA transcriptome-level multiplexing, with single-base resolution - no amplification required.

1. Multiplexed target profiling of miRNA transcriptomes in a single reaction
2. High level of sensitivity, specificity, precision, and linearity
3. Cancer research, neurobiology, developmental biology, and stem-cell research


nCountericon_07 miRGE™ CodeSets

Provides the ability to simultaneously profile both miRNAs and mRNAs in a single reaction.

1. Simultaneously profile miRNA and mRNAexpression in a single reaction
2. Fewer pipetting steps and lesspreparation time means fewer errors
3. Profile FFPE samples as well as other difficult sample types


nCountericon_07 CNV CodeSets

Interrogate up to 800 regions of the human genome with superior reproducibility, accuracy, and linearity.

1. Better, faster results with less effort than PCR or arrays
2. Lowest hands-on time of any platform
3. Profile up to 800 regions of the human genome in asingle reaction